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Corporate Tax Planning in the UK

The United Kingdom enjoys the benefits of a common law legal system which is proven and internationally recognised as innovative and fast moving. It is a fact that most international banking, insurance, shipping and aviation contracts are, to a significant extent, based upon UK law.

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The OCRA London team specialises in corporate planning and UK tax consultancy, we provide cost effective and robust business solutions for companies and entrepreneurs wishing to establish a presence in the United Kingdom.

Our in-house tax team provides advice on all aspects of United Kingdom and international tax issues. Typically, the clients we serve include:

  • United Kingdom companies or businesses investing outside the United Kingdom
  • Non-UK corporations or businesses investing into the United Kingdom
  • Consultants and senior executives with overseas contracts taking employment outside, or returning to, the United Kingdom
  • Non-UK nationals coming to the United Kingdom in order to minimise income or capital gains taxes they would otherwise pay in their country of tax residence

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